"This program has assisted me with clothes, a job, temporary housing and personal care items. I don't know what I would have done without the program."

E. Eason


"They have helped me and answered questions every step of the way. Without this program I would end up on the streets. I was in prison for 26 years and thought no one cared, but I was wrong! "

R. Ramos


"We need the reentry center, especially guys like me need it after 31 years in prison.....reentry gave me hope, along with family support, to continue pressing forward." 

A. Kilgore


"I was skeptical at first because people say they will help you but don't, and I was also homeless with a felony. They surprised me because they looked at me as a person and really helped me. I have clothes now and a full time job. These people are so serious and it makes me feel better about myself."


Our Work:

We're doing the work with your help!  Together, we've helped hundreds of returning citizens since we opened in 2016. 

The SOAR initiative promotes public safety, reduced recidivism and empowerment to individuals. Here is a snapshot of our goals: 

- 'First Day Out' welcome, personal care kit, clothing, shoes, and basic needs for now and the future; 


-Shelter/stable housing;


-Help people become productive, responsible, and law-abiding members of society;


-Create and support positive opportunities for people to engage in pro-social activities, such as employment education, positive relationships and personal development;


-Help people obtain and maintain long-term employment;


-Help people access care to address substance abuse issues and mental health needs.


-Build capacity, partnerships and effective service delivery.

-Maintain a strong and sustainable reentry services initiative to meet the unique needs of formerly incarcerated people. 

Recent Changes in Georgia Law

Georgia Justice Project works with the state legislature and advocates for laws to reduce barriers to reentry for the 4.2 million Georgians with a criminal history.

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