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We've improved the lives of hundreds of justice-impacted individuals. 

Here are a few of their stories. *We protect the privacy of our program participants and choose to use only initials. 
Mr. CJ is the oldest program participant we've ever served in the seven years of operating the SOAR Re-Entry Center. He is the tender age of 80, and inspires our team. 

His parole officer sought our help on his behalf and the SOAR Team jumped in to help. After decades in prison, Mr. CJ admitted he had culture shock. He was homeless and needed support, help getting his social security, help learning some of today's technology, understanding the bus system and so much more. Mr. CJ is living in his own place, catching the transit bus, and enjoying freedom. 


TW came into the SOAR Re-Entry Center for help. He has no family support and is new to the area. TW went through our intake which focuses on 14 keys areas, and a priority on helping people get their ID/Drivers License, prevent homelessness and a living wage paying job. TW needed the basics including a birth certificate, clothes, shoes, personal care items and a job. We helped him secure these things and aided in his search for stable housing. TW found a job, but is looking for better employment. TW is stable and found an affordable apartment. He has been out of prison for almost six months. 



"This program has assisted me with clothes, a job, temporary housing and personal care items. I don't know what I would have done without the program."

E. Eason


"They have helped me and answered questions every step of the way. Without this program I would end up on the streets. I was in prison for 26 years and thought no one cared, but I was wrong! "

R. Ramos


"We need the reentry center, especially guys like me need it after 31 years in prison.....reentry gave me hope, along with family support, to continue pressing forward." 

A. Kilgore


"I was skeptical at first because people say they will help you but don't, and I was also homeless with a felony. They surprised me because they looked at me as a person and really helped me. I have clothes now and a full time job. These people are so serious and it makes me feel better about myself."


Image by Rainer Bleek


Women have additional barriers to reentry

Stephanie came in two days after release from jail. She'd lost everything and was homeless in a city she was not familiar. After Intake and Assessment, we placed her in temporary housing, and were able to connect her to numerous resources. We made a direct referral for employment and one of our community partners provided clothing and shoes. She is making progress and making moves to restore her livelihood.

We realized during this process that our inventory of feminine hygiene products and underwear (we issue only new items) have run low. We're accepting donations. You can help. 


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